3D rendering of a Charizard


If you have ever wanted to learn about Inheritance, Abstract Classes and Interfaces through Pokemon (more specifically Charizards), you are in the right place.

This is a basic, introductory 101 guide to CS students. There will be omissions, any constructive feedback please leave in the comments!

I will assume you have a basic understanding of what a standard Java class is.


Let’s take a java class called Pokemon. It’s pretty basic, you can create an instance of a Pokemon with a name and a number.

If I want to create an instance of a Pokemon called “Charizard” I can…

If you’ve found this page it’s likely you’ve been set an assignment for you CS studies around SRPN.

This article gives a brief overview of what SRPN is and how you may approach coding an SRPN yourself.

Hints are labelled as HINT. Spoilers as SPOILER. I’d recommend only reading the SPOILER section if you’re really stuck.

What is SRPN

Let’s start at the end.

Polish Notation is where you write the operators (namely, +, /, — , *,^ and %) before the operands (operands are numbers like 42, 101, -2 etc).

We’re used to seeing in-fix notation in real life. …

During the lockdown I wanted to continue boxing. I find water bags much easier on my joints so I was going to buy a branded aqua bag. Problem was they are £200 and there was no stock in lockdown.

After some research I found that aqua bags are just marine buoys. Here’s a guide to how to make your own aqua bag for around £70.

The bag

Polyform A3 marine buoy. £35.

Once filled with water this is around 50KG depending on how full you get it.

If you want a heavier bag go for an A2.

I’ve been a Product Owner of a Design System for just over a year and wanted to share my experience of what I see as the 3 core pillars of a Design System; Components, Showcase Site and Contribution.

If you’re unfamiliar with Design Systems I recommend reading this first.


Components are the lego blocks that software engineers use to build UI’s quickly and consistently.

  • Wrap a 3rd party component or roll-your-own. Both have their benefits and costs, think about these before wrapping your favourite reactstrap component or building a file upload from scratch.
  • Analytics. Think about what you want to…

Charles Beard

I’m a Product Owner working in Financial Services.

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